Space between anchor text and underline: chromium bug?

I noticed the following code causes the underline under the anchor text to touch the text:

<div style=“padding:.7em”><a href=“/page.html” style=“padding:1em”>test</a></div>

If the div’s padding is changed to .6em or .8em or the anchor’s padding is removed, there is a little space between the text and it’s underline as there should be. I don’t see the same behavior from firefox or opera. Is this a chromium bug?

Could you give a screen shot of what you are seeing? Do you mean a space between the link text and the underline? I can’t replicate it.

Sure, here’s a screenshot. I’m on Chromium 23.0.1271.97 (171054) on Linux.

Is there a clear line-height and font-size set on this anchor? Or is Chrome being all cute by taking a wild guess?

The code in the screenshot is actually all of the code on the page. No <html></html> or anything else. The behavior is the same as in my valid markup. I tried adding line-height:1em;font-size:1em with the same result.