Sort html select box but ignore the option that says Select


I’ve got a dyamically created html select box that i need to sort alphabetically but ignore the placeholder/option that says Select…

I’ve tired the following but realised the select box doens’t have an ID only a Name

any ideas?

<select style="width:250px" name="sortbyco">
    <option value="">Select2</option>
    <!--I would like to keep this at the top-->
    <option value="40934">Africa (CAF)</option>
    <option value="44624">Asia (AFC)</option>
    <option value="29521">Europe (UEFA)</option>
    <option value="43099">North &amp; Central America (CONCACAF)</option>
    <option value="38731">South America (CONMEBOL)</option>
    <option value="46617">Oceania (OFC)</option>
    <option value="40934">Africa (CAF2)</option>
$("#sortbyco").append($("#sortbyco option:gt(0)").sort(function (a, b) {
    return a.text == b.text ? 0 : a.text < b.text ? -1 : 1;

Give it an ID? That or just target it by name. Go check out how to use a name selector.

One option you can do to solve the problem is sort the options, then simply insert the empty select option in after everything is sorted. Check out for more information.

thanks i’ll try the name selector.

Why not sort the data BEFORE the select box is loaded? That’ll be cleaner and easier.


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