Something funny I found on Youtube

Something I found funny and made sense.


Test your code first while you are writing it. Don’t just keep writing code and then once you have 10,000 files. You then go back and do tests on them.

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how did you find a picture on youtube?

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Easy. Watch the YouTube video. Like what I see, screenshot, crop. And it becomes a picture. Sometimes, the thumbnails are also a good source.

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Great! Awesome pics!

Nice trick :grin:

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hahahah ROFL was so funny thanks for making me laugh and spaceshiptrooper!! following your techniques and had captured babies funny pics but can’t show you had limited access but would like to say thanks buddy. :smirk:

Nice tricks.
I also have one trick which I follow:
Here are the steps given below to save the cover or thumbnail image of your favourite Youtube videos:

  1. Open the youtube video link in a browser
  2. Right click (on the white space) => View the page source. Or for example in Google Chrome, Tools => View Source
  3. Find (Ctrl+F) => “og:image”
  4. Copy the og: image content url. For Example, “”
  5. Open the copied og:image content url in the same browser window
  6. Right click on the image and save it to your desktop

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