Someone should give this guy a medal!

Occasionally we spot a post around this place that we refer to behind the scenes as a Golden Post – one that really stands out for whatever reason. This post is a great example. Articulate, carefully thought out and explained, and entertaining…

So congratulations @Kronomia; – for your work I’d like to offer you a free ebook of your choosing. I hope you stick around, we need more people like you around the place.

Thanks for your contribution @Kronomia ; Great work!

Yes, very much fantastic. Good job @Kronomia ;

thanks very much its a very nice idea great …

Hey, I don’t have a medal but if I did, you would certainly be worthy of it… Not that I would give it away or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Great post. Keep up the good work :wink:

I love this kind of posts. Well written.

His posts really useful by sharing others different viewpoints of issue. He really deserves a Medal !

Thanks everyone for all of your kind words.

It was a pure pleasure to contribute. I am glad that my posts are getting rendered as uselful.

All the Best!

well we are grateful to all those who post on sitepoint to help others queries .thanks kronomia:)

Congratulations @Kronomia , I agree that we need more like you.

Great post! Congrats!

Great great work you did there @Kronomia. kudos. :smiley: