Some Nerd Humor

The question was posed… what if someone with a pathetic understanding of English, American culture, SEO, and marketing in general created an SEO company?

Thus was born rockbottomseo

Enjoy!!! :smiley:

Seems a bit dodgy to me. They make big claims, but don’t really say how they will improve your rankings.

I wouldn’t go with them, personally.

Off Topic:

Yes, I’m joking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure they do… back linking, front linking, side linking, top linking, bottom linking, press captures, etc… pretty advanced stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but they have 2 of #1 ranked SEO ninjas.

I already mailed a check and I don’t even HAVE a website.

I think that I’ll ask for 5 nanoseconds of their time so I’ll understand as much as they do.

i’ll listen to them give it a thought and exclaim am so glad to tell you that i have no idea on what so ever on the earth you are talking about.