Some annoying IE6 issues - HELP


I’ve got a site:

which uses jquery for various parts of the page, they all work in chrome, Safari, FF and Opera even IE8, I have 3 bits of functionality that do not work on the home page due to what looks like some CSS issues, can anyone tell me why these may not be working:

  1. Drop down top navigation - The navigation at the top drops down to reveal positioned content area. This all displays but in IE 6 the dropdown menu does not appear, it looks like it is hidden behind the content area. I have set the z-indexs of the positioned elements but it still does not come to the front.

  2. The vertical tabbed area at the bottom left - This works as expected in all browsers etc IE6 the logic works in part. but it does not remove the “currentTab” image when selecting a different tab. the tabbed panel also does not line up

  3. The “open days” promo image bottom right does not have hover feature - Again this does not work in IE6 only, when you hover over the image a content area should slide up to reveal some text.

These bits of functionality can be viewed working in FF/Chrome/Safari

Any help would be great…

IE6 is being used by less people every day. Youtube and other popular websites have dropped support for Internet Explorer 6. You may want to consider doing the same instead of wasting your time trying to support a browser that was released in 2001. If webmasters didn’t support IE6, users would have no choice but to upgrade to a superior and more secure web browser.

I agree, and I would love nothing more, but the client wants to support it…

I have managed to solve all bar one…

the start your journey search area drops down and ends up in the footer…

I cannot figure out why this is happening…


I wonder if the presence of adjoining comments in several places in your code has anything to do with this. It’s best avoided. The most common side-effect is the duplicate characters bug, so perhaps the element is being hidden in one place and doubled elsewhere by the bug referred to in the link.

I hope you won’t mind if I comment on some other aspects of the design.

The drop-down menu behaviour - with the combination of instantaneous showing and hiding, and ascending and descending of elements - is, to my eyes and brain at least, visually confusing.

Consider using jQuery hoverIntent to provide a short delay between the mouse entering menu items and the drop down being activated. At present moving the cursor between menu items can result in a rather ungraceful effect.

Also, it would be good if the drop down were released when the mouse moves above the menu.

The use of blue in the menu overlay seems to distract from the dropped down menu items. There’s a good reason why shades of grey are usually used in this situation.

The menu does not handle text resizing well. Even one increment of upsizing wraps the last menu item causing a deterioration in functionality.

The menu currently employs no hover states other than the default cursor change, so perhaps you are still working on this area of the site.


No that’s fine your feedback is welcome. You’d be right in thinking the drop down is not yet finished. but I take on board what you said about the hoverIntent. It looks like a nice subtle effect and I’ll have a play around with it for sure.

I have taken out the comments dividing the floated elements, but I’m still getting the issue… When the page initially loads… it is in the correct location, but it drops down once the page has been fully rendered… is this relevent?

I was using Explorer before Firefox managed to capture big slice of the browser market. Now, I am using chrome together with Firefox.

And with a lot of problems as well as lack of support, IE will just soon die a natural death.

Convince your clients of this scenario then…

Many IE users don’t know there are other options. THus they won’t switch. If a site doesn’t work they’ll just go to a new site.

I was at my colleges library and the help desk was trying to help someone get into their account. Upon asking what browser they use, the person (presumably) said “google”, the help desk person then said “that’s a search engine, not a browser”. Turns out they used IE.

IE users are just…not very technical. With the exception of people who are forced to use it due to company policy