[SOLVED] Grab elements background image and append IMG

$(".main-slideshow article").each(function() {
  $('<img src="'+$(this).css("background-image")+'">').prependTo($(this));

http://we stm ark.fin alsit e.com/

Trying to grab the slick sliders <article> background image and append an image with the said background image. Nothing is being appended though. Can anyone take a look and spot why?

FIgured out the issue - the slick slider hadn’t rendered yet when I put that code in.

I needed to wait until it was loaded, and then call the Javascript.

How do I strip out the url() portion of the background image though? Right now this is the sort of IMG prepended.
<img src="url(asdf.jpg)">

Got it -

$(".main-slideshow article").each(function() {
  $('<img src="'+$(this).css("background-image").replace(/^url|[\(\)]/g, '')+'">').prependTo($(this));



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