Software to edit legal agreement templates


Is there any software that can help me to edit agreement templates? Basically I tried to edit a template that I have in OpenOffice software, but what ever text that I tried to edit the text is marked with scratched line and then whole scratched lines turn into blue color text. I am wondering if there is a software to edit this on MacOS. Please let me know if you are aware of any such software.


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This OpenOffice ?

Initial release 	1 May 2002; 13 years ago
Last release 		3.3 / 25 January 2011; 5 years ago
Preview release 	3.4 Beta 1 / 12 April 2011; 4 years ago
Development status 	Discontinued

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Very possibly this OpenOffice:

Announcing Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2

28 October 2015 - The Apache OpenOffice project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of OpenOffice 4.1.2. You can download it from the official website

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What format are these templates in? That will give you a clue as to what software to use.

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