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i’m in front of a big dilemma! (kind of :slight_smile: )
I have integrated 4 different systems (different design) together; i have completed it successfully but the problem i m facing right now is the fact that the platform does not look integrated/unified as a complete solution.
therefore i m wondering if any expert of you would be able to suggest me any design solution in order to make my platform look more professional and not appearing to the eyes of the users like 4 completely different systems?
the point however is that we want a solution that will take us the minimum of development required time but the outcome to be A (is it sound too hard to be true?) please let me know :slight_smile:

Hi there! It’s kind of impossible to answer, as each situation is different. Youll need to weight up your potions, work out what the best solution for you is etc. Ideally, plan things out better from the start. :stuck_out_tongue:

What it sounds like is that you need to hire a designer, preferably one with at least some front-end development experience, to advise you and spearhead a UI enhancement/integration of some kind.

Is it possible the main site could override the sub-site’s styles? That’s really just the same thing as tweaking each sub-site. Or are the platforms not meshing well because they load in what feels like individual frames or browser instances? A link or screenshot would help understanding what issue you are up against.

Hi Micah
You are right! the platform not meshing well because it loads a felling of 4 different systems which are just working together - felling like individual frames (different colors, characters, typography, buttons etc
I know you will tell me now “find a designer then” :slight_smile: but the answer to this questions is i want a solutions that will take us the min of dev. required time and’ money.
What other companies do under this situation?

Just as ralphm mentioned, it’s just about impossible to say without details. It could be as easy as some css overrides or as complex as a completely new interface with its own database connections and everything.
Your main question is

Minimum development time should be css overrides that would at least let the user think they are on the same website. For the ‘outcome to be A’ depends how much you want to invest in any option.

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