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Question for all. I am new to social media as a matter of fact I have just started reading and submitting my blog to dofollow social media sites but I am not sure if I am doing this correctly. So far I am just setting up accounts with them and filling out the profile forms filling out my url for my blog hoping that will be a backlink to my blog. I am not sure how else backlinks are built using social media sites. Of course I know if people like my blog some will link automatically which is great but what am I missing when it comes to how to best utilize these dofollow media sites for backlinks to my blog?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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You are using social media in the wrong way. Social Media is not about getting backlinks.

HI Logic,

Thanks for the prompt response. I am aware this is not the normal use of social media sites but I want to make sure I obtain backlinks from everything I do on my blog and I have a team setting up my social media right now for me. I wanted to know how do people collect backlinks from social media? This is certainly not my main way of developing the backlinks but want to understand how it is done. The only thing I can see is the profiles allowing the backlinks? Am I wrong on this?

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Most people don’t use social as a backlink tool – there are other benefits that are far better and more direct and focusing on links makes it hard to achieve those – but if that’s your goal, ok.

Blogs are one of the more link friendly networks [facebook is mostly closed, twitter shortens links and the volume flies by everything in milliseconds and google+ remains up in the air although google certainly ranks its own posts] but just because you get a link doesn’t mean the link does much good. Blogs that are well managed link out far less than you’d think and a profile on its own, well that’s just a single page among thousands on a site with almost no internal weight. Essentially if you’re not participating in the blog what you’ve created just isn’t that important.

Comments can be a much better opportunity to get seen [not just for seo, links are after all intended to be clicked by actual people] but that requires providing actual value. Enough not to be moderated out, enough to be valued. But again the volume is generally high on popular places and thus much like a forum one has to assume search engines have a hard time weighting each found response.

If you’re looking at places you can put links where people are going to see them, that’s fine. But if you are looking to put in links that search engines will pick up on, you’re wasting your time. Any links that are easy for you to put in place are pretty much worthless as far as search engines are concerned, precisely because they’re easy for you to put in.

Social Media/ Social Networking like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Google Plus are the sites I used the most. They are very helpful for Traffic but not on backlinking purposes.

If you want to have a quality backlinks for your Busines Blog you can try Guest Posting/ Guest Blogging, Participating on Do follow Forum Sites, Blog Commenting and Social Bookmarking.

Social media sites are useful to communicate with the people. And increase your business revenue. Mainly that will be helpful to get the website traffic not a backlinks…There are some tactics should be available in Off-page…:

  1. Directory Submissions.
  2. Social Bookmarking.
  3. Article submissions.
  4. Guest posting.
  5. Blog Commenting.
  6. Forum posting & commenting.
  7. Video submissions.

Social media sites are very good to increase back-links but i none of any popular SM site give back-link. People use them for their brand promotion as well.

OK folks - this is not yet another thread on how to create backlinks. It is a specific question about using Social Media. Please keep your replies on-topic, or they will be removed as fluff.

I do not have observed that you can not get Do Follow back links from social media website. It increase awareness of website with the help of informative sharing.

Can anyone explain me what is Do follow and backlinks ? Actually i am new in bogging hence i dont know much.

Hey JT,

If you want to use Social for backlinks do not rely on your profile as most social media sites have SSL set up and block search bots (some are more open then others). Instead, visit authority site sin your niche and post useful comments via your Twitter or Facebook and drop your full URL in the comment itself when appropriate (meaning it gives value to the post and will pass moderation).

THAT is what gets you a juicy backlink from the authority site PLUS the social media site.

Hope that helps. :wink:


Backlinks are links from another site which point to yours. Links are normally followed by search engines when they crawl the internet, unless they are marked as “nofollow”. Nofollow links are ignored by search engines and will therefore give you no benefit in search engine ranking. There is really no such thing as “do follow” links, as that is simply the default behaviour.

All external links in these forums are nofollow.[/ot]