Social Media Signals

I would like to know on how could I be sure that my Fans i.e. in Facebook are real people? thanks

It’s impossible to conclusively determine. It’s simply the nature of anonymous online accounts (including facebook).

yes, you have a point there. It’s also rare that one person only has one account i.e. in Facebook

On Twitter, it’s usually very easy. A fake account will not have interacted with anyone, will have few tweets, and a simple read through their timeline will result in very little quality. On Facebook, the privacy settings make this a lot harder.

For those in the UK, there will soon be a documentary on Channel 4, talking about the buying of fake likes and tweets, and how many celebrities (i.e. Justin Bieber) have bought likes to make themselves out to be more popular than they already are. If I remember correctly, in Bieber’s case it turned out that half of his followers and fans were either bots or paid-for.

Thanks for the input. Well I see this definitely takes real hard work to ensure that they are real.

That’s why Twitter having high Alexa and PR compare to facebook and Twitter’s account setting is better to facebook too.Twitter have limited but quality users only.

How you acquired these fans and followers? the answer lies here.

Alexa rank means absolutely nothing to anyone but Alexa. When you’re at Facebook/Twitter’s level, I think SEO doesn’t really matter either.

Today Twitter become more popular in US. it’s been reported that there are more than 140 million Twitter accounts registered in the U.S. Facebook, meanwhile, has more than 167 million users in the U.S. Of course, these numbers don’t account for brands and people who have multiple accounts.

Surely, the numbers are now largely irrelevant? There are more than enough users on both platforms for a marketer to make good use of them.

You can get idea through person’s profile, posts, shares, likes, groups, network of people, followers and conversation. If person’s account is genuine then you can see his/her availability on the social media sites on the regular basis within informative, unique and fresh post/content.

By checking all above things, it will also possible that those person are not real persons but just create a fake id for doing promotion only for their website, webpage, product, services or to share and gain knowledge within people.

Not everyone makes that information available. I certainly don’t.

Yes, I’ve got your point, this definitely takes great effort to check on the data.

One thing that you could try doing is taking a sample of your fans and trying to interact with them. If a large percentage do not respond, then you have your answer.

Thanks that’s a good idea. You may measure if they really could make active interactions.

Try to check what they are liking and commenting. Do they have comments on their pages. That`s the only way, pal.

Well that really takes a serious effort on our part.