Social Media Authority Score

What’s an Social Media Authority Score. How it is calculated. How much is good

Are you talking about Klout scores? Mine is 77 and considered very high. I consulted for the company recently and they told me so. Not sure exactly how it is calculated. Secret sauce to be sure.



Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users/websites according to online social impact via the Score. Hence we can’t know how it’s calculated but we see the “Klout Score” only.

This says that 40 is an average score, 63 is considered high & means that you’re in the top 5% of all users. I also wonder how it’s calculated…but I’m sure they won’t tell us, for otherwise why would we need the app? :slight_smile:

I also wonder how it’s calculated…but I’m sure they won’t tell us, for otherwise why would we need the app?

And people will be writing their websites to get a better score rather than writing a good/usefull website.

I only heard about Klout which give the Social Media Authority Score. Don’t know exactly how it’s getting calculated. It take many factors as Facebook like will have more impact than the instagram like or whatsoever so value of social media will be different. Score is based on the likes, shares, comments etc, Hence more user engagements on your post more you gain the score.

Hi victoriamon i think your post answers my question though i asked social media score in general, more user engagement might improve the score, thanks for your help

Social media authority score can be defined as the score that shows your URL’s influential activity, which shows the popularity of the website’s URL in any social media/networking sites. The higher the social media authority score that much is good. It should always be higher, and then only you will know how much popularity does your URL gained. And regarding how it is calculated I think nobody knows except the one who discovered it otherwise all people will do their best to get a higher social media authority score for their URL.


Social Media Authority Score is finding by the tool Social page authority tool. This helps you to check the popularity of URLS across different social networks. You can visit website seoreviewtools

well, i don’t know how to calculate the social media authority score but it displays the popularity of the url or website on social media sites. if any one knows how to calculate the score, then plz tel me also.

how can we believe any website if we don’t know how it works?
We should at least know what is required to increase score.

Of course, isn’t that what much of writing is about these days? There is so much redundant content on the internet it makes my head hurt. And yet, I still find myself reading similar posts hoping for that one grain of original thought on a subject that I’m learning! They should give high Klout scores to the person who posts the most original & comprehensive content, in my opinion! :rolleyes:

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