Social login buttons

I have found this site but I don’t know how to implement it in my web page.

Can you tell me what to do please?

Have you ever customized Bootstrap before? Will this be your first time?

You can’t put these into just any web page. You have to use Bootstrap. Is that what you are using now?

No, I have not used bootstrap before. I would like to have a login page with all these social buttons login, I think it’ awesome. I would be grateful if someone explained step-by-step how to do it.

Or if you know another way to do it, I don’t mind.

Those instructions will not work. You have to download Bootstrap first, etc., which will be a huge headache if your website is already finished.

This page will show you how to add the buttons to your page, but you will need to change the <a href=“#” part into your own URL. Then the button, when clicked on, will take the person to your social media page. For instance the above will be changed to <a href=“


Do you know where to put this code in your html page?

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Here’s a pen with social buttons.
You can click the arrow next to "css (scss) in the editor header, then “view compiled css” to get the CSS code instead of SCSS (scss has to be compiled, you can’t use it as-is in your pages).

The “Share urls reference” link will give you the urls to point for others socials.

It uses Bootstrap & Font awesome too.

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I applied it for a staging site and it worked for me.
@firbe I hope that it work for you also.

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