SOAP API not giving results...... and I don't know why :(

I’m trying to use a SOAP API with nusoap but am having some real problems with it. I’ve never used SOAP before (nor have I used NUSOAP either) and would be grateful for any help please.

This is the page I’m using to help me: and this is what I’m using this to get the results:

    # initialise
    $error_message1="Something went wrong with client ";
    $error_message2="Something went wrong with proxy ";
    $error_message3="Something went wrong with result 1st ";
    $error_message4="Something went wrong with result 2nd ";
    $error_message5="Something went wrong with result 3rd ";
    $wsdlPath = "";

    # perform lookup
      require $INSTALL['include']."/nusoap/lib/nusoap.php";
      $client=new soapclient( $wsdlPath,'wsdl' );
      if( $err ) { echo $error_message1; exit( $err ); }
      # create a proxy client.
      if( $err ) { echo $error_message2; exit( $err ); }
      # call the SOAP method for GetAddressBooks.
      $result=$proxy->GetAddressBooks( $username,$password );
      if( $proxy->fault ) {
        echo $error_message3;
      } else {
        if( $err ) {
          echo $error_message4; exit( $err );
        } else {
          if( $result['error_code']!='0' ){
            echo $error_message5; exit( $err );
          GetAddressBooksResult( $result );

That just outputs this Something went wrong with result 2nd wsdl error: phpType is struct, but value is not an array: see debug output for details.

From the output I can see that the problem is here if( $err ) {
echo $error_message4; exit( $err ); but I don’t know how to fix that.

I’ve also checked the debug log and says this:
PHP Warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in /ha/ha0/www/include/lib/nusoap.php on line 4694
Line 4694 is:

$this->schemas[$ns]->imports[$ns2][$ii][‘loaded’] = true;

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