Smooth curved lines

I need to use a curved shape for a website header. I had a go at creating a bezier curve, but find that the curved edge is still a bit ‘jagged’ when you zoom in. Is there any way to create a really smooth edge? I use paintshop pro X and know next to nothing about graphic design.

Any bitmapped image will be jagged when you zoom in.

You could make your image double the size that you need and resize it in your page, but I’m not sure if this will really achieve anything because people will only see it at 100%. If it looks good at 100%, then it’s good enough to use.

I am a bit wary of doing this due to the way some of the older browsers behave when the image is resized dynamically. The ideal would have been to use css3 to create the curve but again there is the older browser support problem.

I don’t use paintshop pro, but the problem may be in the way you are saving the image. What format are you saving in? And against what background is the image set?

I am saving it as a png file. The image is like a quarter of an eclipse with a shadow around the curved edge and a transparent background. When it is on the website homepage it rests on top of both a horizontal wide band with a gradient, and a plain background.

Thanks everyone for your help. I finally cracked it by creating a massive image using bezier curves as Zot suggested but then resizing the image before uploading to the server.

next time look into creating a vector image that scales for any size.

Thanks, yes that would probably have made more sense :slight_smile:

It is still going to pixelate when the browser is resized, but that’s not really a big deal. Everyone just designs for regular screen resolution, then the few outliers that are going to resize your website are just going to have to put up with a little chunkyness around the edges.

You can use Photoshop to create a best header according to ur wish as a smooth curved lines. obviously can get a great quality
Can also resize whenever needed…Pen tool can be used in photoshop to create a smooth edged curved lines…