Smart card regonizeing


I have problem with apache. I have solution where to get into a folder apache is asking smart card. All is okey when card is in the card reader. Problems starts when I will enter a wrong pin-code or don’t have the card in card reader at all.
The Freifox will give me error -12227 and IE will say that “cant display the page”.

Could anybody help to avoid this problems. I want that if there is some problems coming up then will send to kind of error page. Of course it would be perfect when if there is wrong pin, would say that you entered wrong pin. and when no card then will say that card is missing.

ok, sorry my bad english, but i hope you understand me

I have faced same problem in smart card device inserted. I have used php and javascript. When i have insert the smart card before open the firefox, its working fine, but first open the firefor, then after insert the smart card device, its throw the 12227 error…

any one please give the solution


Your English is fine - far better than my … er, whatever your native language is!

What I fail to understand is the use of a smart card as this is highly unusual - are you trying to lock out visitors or merely password protecting a directory with a hardware solution? Since I suspect that it must be the latter case, I’ll have to refer you to the hardware manufacturer as I’ve NEVER come across this before.

Sorry for the lack of help.



Seems I got it work.
The problem was about SSLVerifyClient optional and I had it required.

About smart card. We are using here ID-cards and I’m trying to make a login for our website. I hope I used the word “smart card” correctly.

Thanks for trying to help :wink:


“smart card” is as good a term as anything - and using an id card for login verification is a smart thing.