Slideshow blinks/flashes before progressing to next slide

I use the NivoSlider plugin for my slideshows and every time I implement them on my websites ( I have three of them) There is this annoying flash or blink right before it advances onto the next slide.

I have no idea why this happens. Does it have something to do with the order I place the JS or CSS files for the slider?

Both links work OK for me; I would try reducing the size of the image file and see it still happens.

Out of interest you have a page title set on one site but the title in the browser tab is “Waiting for” so you could have a JavaScript error which I can not check at the moment.

You didn’t see any of the slides “flash” as they transitioned to the next slide?

No it was nice smooth transitions - bars and wipes.

As I say try reducing the image size and see what you get . My tests were on Windows 7 IE9 or 10 ( I can not remember what I have now ) on super doper fast broadband at work.

All is OK at home on a similar setup.