I have put together a slider menu on this page:

On the left, but i don’t quite like the way it works… Was thinking of using a nice jQuery slider… Is there a slider out there or examples of which do the same?

Also, when i click to go to a different page the slider returns back to normal again, so i would prefer it remains on the category the user has selected…

Any examples or advice would be much appreciated…


If you want a customized sliding effect, then you could use the .animate property (check out, that you can use on any element in the page.

to resolve your menu resetting problems, you have to options:

  1. Make an AJAX request and serve your response in the target area, so you never leave the page
  2. If you want to have a new page (for navigation history purposes I suppose…), then you could use a query string to determine the active category. For example:
    You can then use this query string to display the correct category either in JS or in your back-end