Slider with multiple handles to create multiple ranges

Does anyone know of a Javascript slider that can function like Adobe’s gradient creator? I’m not actually making gradients, I just need similar slider capabilities…

I have a defined date range, let’s say it’s January 1 to Januaray 31. I want to make a slider that allows my user to split this date range into multiple ranges. So one person can do:

Jan 1 to Jan 5, Jan 6 to Jan 12, Jan 13 to Jan 31

Another person can do:
Jan 1 to Jan 21, Jan 22 to Jan 31

How many regions they create doesn’t matter to me. The goal is to pull it off with a Javascript slider that works similar to Adobe’s gradient creator. Handle’s can be added by clicking and removed by pulling it away from the slider. Handle’s can also slide around fairly liberally.


Any ideas? I’d like to avoid building a custom solution if possible.

Thanks again,