Slider transition buttons disappeared

The buttons on my slider at that are used for going backwards and forwards between slides have disappeared and I don’t know what caused it. They worked last time I was on the site, about a day ago.
The slider is by ThinkUp Themes and is called the ThinkUp slider, here is a demo:

And what it’s meant to look like

But mine is like this:

Thanks for any help!!!

Is there a way you can show us a link to your website or the code to your website? Its very hard to know how to fix it without seeing whats happening in the code.

I copied and pasted the slider code from the stylesheet here:

There are two problems with the prev and next buttons:

  1. they both have -60px positioning that pulls them off screen, and
  2. they are hidden underneath the slider content.

So, firstly change the -60px left and right settings to 0 instead. E.g. change

#slider {
    right: -60px;


#slider {
    right: 0;

Then, bump up the z-index on both of them. E.g.

#slider a.rslides_nav {
    z-index: 1000;

However, all this is probably not what you want, as the real problem is that you’ve lost the hover effect that was causing them to come into view and leave the view again. I’m not sure what’s caused that.

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Thanks that worked! Not the same as before but the buttons are visible and do what they need to do :smiley:

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