Slider problems with navigation :(

hi all…im working on a wordpress site.the designer unfortunately is european and doesnt understand my question when i ask him as im guessing his english is bad:(Does anyone know how to shift the navigation menu to the left without affecting the slider below? if you change “float right” in #navigation to “float left” - the navigation moves to left but the slider moves all the way to right side of page?(if you have firebug just change this in the inspect element css to see what i mean)Doesnt seem to do this when its now floated rightI dont understand what would affect only one side of a float.Can anyone help?

One thing you could do is float the menu left and then add the rule in red:

.banner_home {
  overflow: hidden;
  width: 100%;
  [COLOR="#FF0000"]clear: left;[/COLOR]

thank you for this!So you add clear: left to the div below/one thats shifting right?never really understood clear left & right!

When things float, say, left, they slide along to the left as far as they can until they hit something. If you want them to go all the way left and not get stopped by anything, you add clear: left to tell them not to get stopped by anything that may get in the way because it is hanging down a bit.