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I’m learning how to use WordPress Settings API, I can create pages and sub-pages, save/update fields in DB.

Now I’m trying to learn how to integrate the bootstrap slider into the API Settings. I put some of the code on Github:

All the Jquery and selection of the images is ok. New inputs are created dynamically when images are selected. Each field is created with the input name="my_image_URL[]".

My difficulty

I am not getting the names and put in the variable $UrlsToSave

function tema_home_imgs(){   
        $UrlsSavedInDB = esc_attr( get_option( 'imagens_home' ) );

        include( get_template_directory() . '/inc/templates/selecao_imagens.php');

        if ( isset( $_POST['my_image_URL'] ) ) {
            $UrlsToSave= htmlspecialchars(json_encode($_POST['my_image_URL']));

             echo '<input name="imagens_home" value="'.$UrlsToSave.'" style="width:300px"/>';

In the theme_home_imgs() function, I want to put the $ _POST['my_image_URL'] array in the variable $UrlsToSave.

Soon after I convert this array into JSON to save in single input of Settings API:

$UrlsToSave= htmlspecialchars (json_encode ($ _ POST ['my_image_URL']));
Echo '<input name="image_home" value="'.$UrlsToSave. '" Style="width: 300px" />';

It turns out that the array always remains empty after the submit, print_r or var_dump return empty.

Please, any tips?
I have been trying for some days

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