Slide shows with no instructions present a usability problem

The other day I went to this page

But what Google said was there wasn’t - until I turned off CSS

AFAIK I don’t have any of my browser settings such that it would cause a problem.

*same both with Firefox latest and Chrome latest.

Then just now, same with this page

What am I missing here?

Sorry Mitt, what exactly are you seeing? What’s the issue here?

Disclaimer: Woke up 5 minutes ago.

I just see an image and that’s it. No links, no anthing. The second has the twitter account as text but that’s about it.

Seeing the source code, I realize that there should be more… I haven’t checked the CSS or anything but I suspect that the problem is not yours… or not only yours :slight_smile:

Yeah, on the first link, everything has 0 opacity which is the first step (it essentially hides it) and everything is position:absolute and stacking on top of each other.

I feel like this is supposed to be some sort of slide show but it’s not finished yet.

That’s what I thought, but the first belongs to @system and then finding another I wondered if this is some kind of parallax gone wrong.

<!-- Begin slides -->
<section class="slide" id="title-slide">
  <img src="images/title.png" class='title'>

<section class="slide" id="part-one">
	<h1>Part One: What and Why?</h1>

<section class="slide" id="general-idea">
  <h2>How it Works</h2>
    <li>Take someone else's browser application</li>
    <li>Add features to it</li>
    <li>Distribute it</li>

Seems horrible usability. I could not scroll, see any navigation, nor find any “hidden” links.

Not until I turned off CSS could I see any content other than the “landing page”

Ah, you have to use the arrow keys! :slight_smile: Dear lord, that took how many of us to figure out?

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No on screen instructions? I say this is purely trouts fault. I do not feel bad about not being a mind reader :slight_smile: .

Even sliders have arrows. Sliders with arrows tells us that you can use those arrows or (in most cases) use keyboard arrows too.

Lack of arrows means lack of a slider. Lack of a slider means why in the world would we think to use arrows?

Disappointed in the usability design here…

Yep. But I have a feeling he used some sort of library to make that effect and either the controls are turned off (intentionally) or the library doesn’t have them… No idea which, but at least I know how to get to the content now :smile:

Ah, I would have never guessed.

Robin’s works with both the down and right arrow, Mark’s ( that @timoxley linked to) only with the right arrow.

moving to Design & UX and renaming

LOL sorry guys!

Those were slides I made in HTML for a presentation. Obviously when I give the presentation I know how to advance to the next slide so I didn’t bother to make sure instructions showed up.

Usually after giving a talk people ask you to post the slides, and I did the easiest thing possible and just uploaded them to my server. At this point I should have probably added some instructions but I was in a hurry (as usual)

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Out of curiosity, what did you use to make the slides?

Edit: Solved it: deck.js