Slide Revolution dummy.png error?


On my website, I have a Slider Revolution presentation on the homepage. I have the Litespeedcache plugin installed, and when I analyze the website with, I get the following warning:

‘Shows images with low resolution’

regarding the following code:

rs-module#rev_slider_1_1 > rs-slides > rs-slide > img.rev-slidebg

<img data-lazyloaded=‘1’ src=‘//…’ data-src=‘//…’ alt=‘’ width=‘400’ height=‘267’ class=‘rev-slidebg tp-rs-img rs-lazyload entered litespeed-loaded’ data-lazyload=‘//’ data-no-retina=‘’ data-ll-status=‘loaded’:

Displayed size 400x267, Real size 1x1, Expected size 600x401.

The source of the problem appears to be a file generated by Revolution Slider called ‘dummy.png.’ Can you tell me if this is the case, what it’s used for, and what I can do to prevent this error detected by here you can see the error

Best regards

Sometimes, if somone offers code for free, they like to keep track of who’s using it, so they insert a tiny 1x1 pixel image into the code that links back to their site. That way, they can get a sense of where their script is being used by tracking requests for that tiny file.

I don’t know if that’s the case here, but personally, I would track down the link to that image in the code an remove it.

I am also face this issue in few days ago in my website but I upload another image and my issue is solved. you try once upload other image then see what happen

my issue is create when I am install perfmatter plugin

first off all you remove it and upload other image