Slick Slider Speed Changes Not Taking Affect

I made modifications to Slick Slider ‘slick.min.js’ file to slow down the autoplay and the speed. However, I’m not seeing a difference in the header slider on this page. It should be running seven seconds per slide but isn’t. Anyone see where the mistake is?

Thank you.


Why are you editing the Slick source code? Normally you would initialize your slider then pass in any options you want to set.

  speed: 7000,

Normally, yes, I agree and tried prior to posting—still didn’t make any difference.

Can you please make a bare bones example — remove all content apart from the slider and initialize the slider as shown above. Post a link to that back here and I’ll be happy to take a look.

Speed is the speed of the slide change I think. So how fast the slide will transition from one to another.

What you’re looking for is probably autoplaySpeed

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If you console log the slick element


You can navigate the data returned and you’ll see originalSettings and options in there. I believe originalSettings is what the plugin has marked as default (autoplaySpeed 2000, speed 1000) and options is for anything the plugin user sets (which seems to be the same values.)

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That’s great, RyanReese!
I was rattling my brain struggling to figure out how to troubleshoot this bugger!

Thank you all for your suggestions. I was able to find the source of the file where the Slick slider overrides were. You guys were awesome!

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