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Question for you all - does anyone here have a good sitting/standing desk that you recommend? A brief search shows so many options and I don’t want to get a low quality desk that breaks down in 6 months.

There are desks with bikes attached, simple desks that just raise up / down. Should I get a desk with a bike for health? Treadmill version (does that exist?). Input would be appreciated :slight_smile: .

The budget is ~ 1000 USD.

Are you looking for a full desk or a conversion? If a full desk, definitely go for an electric version. I have a hand crank version that I bought from IKEA in my home office, and it’s more of a pain than it’s worth. Not difficult to use but the mechanism doesn’t work as well as I’d like nor is it the most sturdy thing out there.

If you’re looking for a desk conversion I just bought one off Amazon that I’m enjoying so far. Smooth up and down operation and is very sturdy.

Can’t help you on the bike/treadmill versions. I’ve heard of them, but can’t imagine them being productive for someone who codes for a living…

Really not sure - I’m open to either but I desk a full desk.

I mentioned the bike/treadmill versions because I don’t like how often I sit and how my legs feel when standing up after a few hours of sitting down. I figure that I still have ~ 30 years of coding left so I might as well get something that could improve my health.

Is that like “I think, therefore I am”? :lol:

That being said, I’ve never seen a riding desk that can handle more than a laptop, but then again, I’ve never really looked for one either. Same with the treadmill desks. They just seem impractical.

For me, the standing option is enough, and I find myself swtiching every hour or so. An hour of sitting, followed by at least a half hour of standing. Works wonders for my back (I sit with very bad posture)

I’m channeling my inner Descartes .

Oops - I barely slept last night (my toddler is going through sleep regression…3 hours of sleep last night). I’m not thinking straight :confused: .

Same - I sit like a monkey half the time or with 1 leg up…just horrible.

I might just do a regular standing desk then - I didn’t think about actual desk space. I need a large amount of space for all my equipment. I might go into a computer store and see if I can talk (eek!) to some employees and get some feedback on what options I really have for what I need.

I have a standing desk and recently bought a wobble board (click for example).

I have to say, I quite like it. You can really feel the muscles in your core working to keep standing up straight. Shouldn’t use it for too long at a time, 30 minutes is pretty much the max for me.

As for the desk itself, I would recommend the one have, but a) they don’t make the model I have anymore and b) I don’t think they ship to the US anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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