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Hi all, i apologize for asking what seems a simple question to most of you but just can’t get my head to understand. What are site-wide links i have been told one my sites has issue with this and apparently this is plain bad see QUOTE"Besides that you have almost 8000 links and most are sitewide which is also just plain bad. You should get rid of those" so i need to rectify hope i have given enough information.

these are the links that are on every page of your site, such as if you use wordpress, sitewide links would be the links on the sidebar…Sidebars are ok but Google no longer likes every page linking to every page…


This method of structuring navigation is not inherently bad nor will you be penalized for it. There isn’t an automatic red flag that goes up and many sites use sitewide links. The only time Google has an issue with it is when they are following the same spammy tactics displayed by other links that aren’t sitewide. So in a nutshell, as long as you are creating a good user experience and not trying to game the system, you will be fine having these on your site.

Here is Cutt’s explanation,



i dont think Google will penalize for sitewide links

lot of web designers in the bottom put designed by which appears in footer of each page and all this websites i have seen good ranked on search engines too