SiteSupra Open Source PHP CMS is now available for testing and feedback

We are very happy to announce that the SiteSupra ( is now available for download as an open source, free, GPL-licensed CMS. We are excited that after more than ten years of work we can release it as a free and open source product and hope it will allow you to build sites fast, and win more clients because of the elegant CMS.

We anticipate contributors to become the powerful force behind improvements to the platform. We welcome feedback and contributions from developers to enrich the product with widgets and modules, and so we need your views on required components.

Contributions are highly welcome on Github - for start, you can use, which provides base demo environment to get used with SiteSupra. All new widgets, blocks and example themes should be developed there, but if you wish to alter SiteSupra core itself - please direct your pull requests to, which holds the core of the framework.

You may also consult the documentation, hosted on RTD (, and with live source repository on Github (

It would be nice to hear a bit about the project here—what it’s for, what challenges you faced etc.—rather than having to go to your site to find out. :slight_smile:

You need to change the install docs to reference the below repo.

Hi! We’ve just pushed new installation guide that includes steps on installing demo site. You’ve got an error as you checked out SiteSupra core which has no CMS or blocks configured.
Hope this helps.

Actually, it wasn’t my error it was your documentation that referenced the incorrect repo but anyway I’m still getting the above error.

Hey. It is fixed and should be good by now. Pls check and let me know if all works fine.

There seems to be some issues with running the install commands.

php supra/cli.php doctrine:schema:create

php supra/cli.php assets:publish

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a problem setting up a project using a offical release…

Any chance it’s

path [cms] vs. Package/ Cms/ ??

or is routing like more Rails ?

I actually do not understand the issue the you’re having, especially “I don’t think I’ve ever
had such a problem setting up a project using a official release…” after the assets went just fine.
Could you please provide some details?
Also we’ve just noticed that our CMS user manual had a wrong URL address to the CMS backend ( so we fixed that immediately. Maybe you meant that?

If you look at the terminal pics that I posted there seem to have been some issues with running both the database and asset set-up commands. Specifically, the line ATTENTION: This operation should not be executed in a production environment and the no x folder founds for the asset publish command. Are these not issues because they sure seem like it.

Hi, the ATTENTION line you refer to is Doctrine’s message. This is not an error message but a reminder. Same applies to the second issues - this isn’t an error. You can use the package with no problem.

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