Sites with poor English have a chance to Google index?

Is ok to use Google Translate English to make an “english” site hosted in USA (targeting USA people) ?

My English is not great, but I would not like to get “inspiration” from the content of other sites. I want my own articles.

Will affect this type of “English” the indexing of my site?

Google detects grammar mistakes or expression mistakes and penalizes sites with poor English?

Nah, google doesn’t detect things like that, and from experience i don’t think they index your site any differently than someone with top grammer, but maybe someone else can shed some light on that. As for your sites target, if you have a .com domain then you can choose your targets through google webmaster tools, but in general .com domains are universl anyway.

[font=verdana]Google will not specifically mark down your site for bad grammar. However, there are a couple of reasons why automated translations are unlikely to perform as well in Google as pages written by good English speakers.

First – because the language is not generally as well-written and clear, Google may struggle to understand it as well. It may also use different words or phrases that have the same “dictionary definition” translation, but just wouldn’t be used by native speakers. This means that when they type the words that they do use into Google, pages written by other native speakers are likely to use those same words, whereas your site might use different words, and that can hurt your site’s ranking.

But more importantly – automated translations are usually horrible to read. It is blindingly obvious that they are automated translations, and the language comes across as stilted and unnatural, it doesn’t flow or sound right, and it can be harder to understand quickly because of that. People don’t want to read pages like that. If they don’t like reading them, they won’t share and post links to the site. If there are not many ‘natural’ links to your site from other sources, Google may conclude that people don’t think it’s worth using, and so will demote it in the rankings.

And most importantly – even if you do manage to fool Google into giving you a good ranking, it will still be horrible for people to read, so they are unlikely to bother. You’ll have a very high bounce rate, very low engagement and very few return visitors. Unless your sole business case is around advertising revenue, you will really struggle to make a site like that financially viable. If you’re not worried about making a profit on it, I would still ask … why would you go to the effort of publishing pages that people won’t want to read?[/font]

I think if your English is really poor, you will not have any success as I think search engines tend to be more and more click order wise. Maybe try to get someone native to read and correct the articles?

Google won’t detect the grammar mistakes or the poor English. The visitors will and that will probably impact your Google Index more.

Thanks to all for answers.

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My God only knows I have so many poorly spun articles out there, many of which were on the front page of Google for many of months… But well written articles have much click though rate.

And you are native english speaker :slight_smile:
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no of course cauze every visitor on your blog post will read or not used to read your english …google helps you to fix the wrong keywords by clicking write click to fix …

So far, several websites have seen ranking drops as a result of some … and remove the bad links before google remove them from the index or punish them heavily. … I’d say there’s a chance that whatever got them ranked #1 in the first … may got lost when I translated his Portuguese tweet into English.

This is an interesting issue. I have never thought about English-as-a-second language when it comes to SEO. But I guess Stevie D has a point. I would suggest you write your articles in your own language, use Google translator to translate a draft of the article, and then hire a native English speaker to edit it for you. You can always find freelancers who are eager for easy jobs like that. Check with They specialize in overseas employment opportunities.

I see websites with horrendous English ranking well. So to answer your question, YES-you can rank with horrible English. The question becomes: Should you? You have to remember that ranking is FLUID. And if you get enough people on your pages and they bounce out, it can only hurt you later on. It would be better to do things right the first time around and use quality content.

The thing is, if youuse google translate for that, google can canhe your top keywords for less used ones, thus decreasing your ranks.

I suggest you should get a friend or hire people who is well-versed in English to translate or write it for you. An eloquent native speaker is ideal, but he/she may be expensive, but that depends. I’ve tried translation programs and I tell you that they’re below 100% to 50% accurate. I notice that they’re translating word-by-word or phrase-by-phrase. So the end result these programs are not able to translate the whole body accurately or the sense of the article is funny.

English translated from Western languages is little bit better. But not that great with non-Western ones.

somewhere along the lines i did read that bad spelling and grammar can influence your rankings. does anyone have an examples of such?

I don’t think that Google can detect poor English but your website visitors CAN :stuck_out_tongue: