SitePoint: Need More Tags

It would be nice if there was support for and an icon for a [ php ] and an [ html ] markup tag, because using [ code ] doesn’t always do code-shading in the best way for these languages…

We do… Welcome to Markdown! :smile: (fyi, the language actually isn’t required, it should auto-detect it pretty well)

//code here

<!–// code here //–>

Okay, I didn’t know that.

But for us BBCode people, why not also allow [ php ] and [ html ] AND add a menu shortcut for each for those who like to click versus type? :wink:

Because Discourse doesn’t run on bbcode, so you really should start to use Markdown :smile: (the limited bbcode in Discourse is via plugins)

There is a link to a Markdown “cheat sheet” in this post:

Already exists. The button

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