SitePoint mobile app

Can we expect mobile app for site point?

Hi @rakeshgsp and a warm welcome to the forum.

I get the general impression that a mobile app is mainly to be used when offline or no internet is available.

This forum has gone to great lengths to be mobile friendly mostly because the internet connectivity is virtually available everywhere.

Have you any problems with using the forum on your mobile?

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That is sometimes the case, but there are quite a few exceptions to that, including banking apps. FWIW I find a mobile banking app a lot easier to use than the bank’s mobile website.

AFAIK the makers of Discourse, the software behind SP forums have resolutely refused to create a mobile app.

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That was a while ago and apparently not so resolute. AFAIK, for push notifications.

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im using the forum’s mobile app…

Do to mean the app that works on mobile, tablets and desktops?

Dunno. It’s an app on my phone called Sitepoint Forums, and its icon is the logo in grey on dark grey.

Unable to find on my iPad Mini, I did find a Discourse notifier on my mobile but no reference to SitePoint?

Yeah, i’m not… 100% sure where I got it from. My phone says it was downloaded via Samsung Internet, which means i clicked on something. Somewhere. Presumably while browsing the forum using my phone.

There is a mobile view available, select the avatar on the right and the mobile option is available at the bottom.

Unfortunately now I have selected the option I cannot remember how to revert to the desktop option - there is no selector available - is this a Discourse bug?

I managed to select the “Desktop view” buy logging out and selecting the option before re-logging.

You can switch by using GET variables.


true/false, on/off, whatever.

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Which phone are you using , could be possible you might have added a browser shortcut on your phone screen and when you click on it it opens in moble version so hence you are thinking it’s app.

Sometimes on Samsung phones it converts a website into a pwa (progress Web app).