SitePoint ForumCast: After Hours! We're Live!

[FONT=Century Gothic]Dear SitePoint Community!

It’s Official, we’re live! [/FONT]SitePoint ForumCast: After Hours![FONT=Century Gothic]

The SitePoint Forumcast is a Community based “podcast style” project. It is fun, voluntary and for the Community. We deliver all the latest news and announcements, ranting segments, thread highlights, off topic segments and Q & A sessions to name but a few! After much hard work from all the team we are finally ready to get this project underway! We hope that you enjoy listening to our shows as much as we did in putting it all together! We will publish all upcoming shows exactly one month from the last publication so keep an eye out here in the News & Announcement Section for the next installment!

Many thanks to HQ for all their assistance, guidance and support throughout this project.

Enjoy the Show guys!
Nuria, Hazel & Mike
ForumCast Management Team

[/FONT]Meet the ForumCast Team:[FONT=Century Gothic]
Co Founders/Co Hosts: - Molona & Mizwizzy
ForumCast Management: - Molona, Mizwizzy & SpikeZ
Contributors including Manangement^: AlexDawson, Shaun(oftheDead), Bluedreamer, Raena, Kohoutek, C.Ankerstjerne, Jeffwalden

[/FONT] SitePoint ForumCast: After Hours! The Pilot - Episode #1 with your co-hosts Nuria & Hazel
[FONT=Century Gothic]Coming up on this month’s show - we have a real treat in store for you guys! We rock out the podcast with a jam session plus we have a couple of interviews with some really mysterious and well known members on the Forums! We also have lots of mini segments for you which include the following

[/FONT] Episode Summary
* Introduction, General Chat & Forum News - Nuria, Hazel
* Jan MOTM Interview - Nuria, Hazel & winner - If you wish to contact Jeff ( or Skype ID: walden.jeff)
* Jam Session Segment - Mike
* Q & A Segment - Shaun & mysterious guest! - If you wish to contact DT (Twitter @khaled_ouanes or via his website
[FONT=Century Gothic] * Thread Highlight Segment - Alex

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Show Transcript & Links
[/FONT] For a full list of links mentioned in the show please visit:
[FONT=Century Gothic]Full Audio Transcript - TranscriptEp1 (txt) [URL=“”]TranscriptEp1 (rtf) [URL=“”]TranscriptEp1 (doc)

Contact Information for this month’s Contributors[/FONT]
Skype ID: SPMolona or via e-mail:
Skype ID: spmizwizzy or via e-mail:
Skype ID: spspikez or via e-mail:
Please PM me or contact me through [URL=“”]my website
[FONT=Century Gothic] Contact via SP Profile or via [URL=“”]my website

[/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic]Thanks for listening guys, keep a look out next month for our next episode! Please feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions or improvements we can make to the ForumCast by emailing

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The theme music of our show is kindly provided by Jacqui Taylor.

Great job and great fun - well done :slight_smile:

Yay you guys! That’s awesome. Well done, I know how hard you’ve worked on this.

Woohooo! :smiley: Thanks Sarah, you’ve helped us so much with this project and of course the rest of the HQ Team, very exciting. Hope the Community will enjoy it :slight_smile:

This is going to be a lot of fun! I can’t wait to get home and get this one!

(Ooh, look! I’m an enthusiast! Sorry, just noticed my little badge of rank :slight_smile: wipes tear I’m so happy! sob)

Wohoooooooooohooooo! You guys are fantastic! :smiley:

Wow, if that makes you happy, imagine how you’ll feel when you reach Renegade! :wink:

It’s been hard work to get here but now it is public… Mizwizzy, congratulations… This would have been much harder without your persistance and hard work.

Sarah, thanks for all the assistance. I’m sure that I will have to say this many times more in the future but it is still appreciate it.

This was interesting. Very worldly. Neat to hear your voices. Good Job!!! Looking forward to the next episode. :slight_smile:

Love Molona’s accent :slight_smile:

The interview is hilarious. Molona you are a comedic genius!

Aren’t there two Mikes going on? You should distinguish between spikemike and the other mike (bluedreamer? I forget who was mike).

Great effort guys, Hazel you are a star and thanks for staying up late to get this on!
Thanks Sarah for your help too!

Poes, I’m Mike - Rob is Bluedreamer :smiley:

Congratulations on the pilot guys. Great to see this get some air time.


Give me time… there’s a little clown inside of me … :lol:

Stomme - Rob just wishes he was another Mike :rofl: runs

Thanks to everyone’s kind comments :blush: Well done to everyone who stuck with the project, having faith and for all those who were soooo much fun to work with :smiley: it’s really exciting, we’ve had soo many laughs making it and I really can’t wait til we get Ep. 2 rocking and rolling :hangin:

I’ll hold you to that promise! :wink:

Wow. I’m crossing my fingers trying to refrain from typing something I shouldn’t!..:eek: :frowning: …Fingers…Don’t dooo it!!

Wow…You’re voice is beautiful! :smiley: -dives into the Trident engine thinking no one will find him there- :blush:

What’s the backing track? By jamming you mean singing along to it or…? :slight_smile:

Holy…! I didn’t expect that! :smiley: Haha I was so chuffed when you said my name hahaha :lol: It was a pretty interesting discussion though :rolleyes: Lol.

Some great suggestions for reading / viewing / participating on though! I look forward to next months recommendations! :wink:

Well, I loved the whole 37 minutes and 10 seconds of it :wink: All of what was said was great, but the only thing that I found slightly off was the way that most of the content was said. It sounded more like you guys and girls were reading off a script (possibly the transcript and then recorded), but I’m sure it wasn’t scripted first. I’m sure it’s just because it was the first time you’ve done this and the next episode will be slightly more relaxed, at ease, and more informal in the way things are said. Maybe it’s just me and my ears though! I’ve been blasting music off lately and it could just be my ears. Everything sounds fine…Just a little scripted. Hope that helps in some way though! :slight_smile:

As for interviewing:

  • Tommy Olsson
  • Rudy Limeback
  • Kevin Yank
  • Alex Dawson
  • Sarah Hawk Taylor
  • Stephen Chapman
  • Hazel / mizwizzy

And please don’t make me give reasons! :frowning:

I can’t wait either! :smiley: Looking forward to next month now! Hehe

You all did a fantastic job!

Andrew Cooper

PS: Although it wasn’t needed (because the sound quality was great) it was a godsend for me quoting people! I didn’t expect it in three different formats but I’m glad you had it transcripted and formatted in Microsoft Word :slight_smile: Great work to whoever was tasked with that!

Very nice indeed :slight_smile: I love all the different accents. Good job guys :tup:

Thanks guys - As for the scripted element - :shifty: yeah, erm it’s your ears Andrew :rofl: ah, we will get better in time though no doubt!

@transcript format - I figured that not everyone had Word so I did the .rtf and .txt - if anyone else needs the transcript in another format please let us know :slight_smile:

@interviewees - that’s a great list Andrew thanks :tup: We will take note of that for the next Episode, I personally think Nuria should interview me though - immediately :lol:

Really glad you guys liked it :spf:

I guess I’m a rock-star now, my voice has been broadcasted across the tubes :stuck_out_tongue:

And finally, the Jan member of the month interview!!