Sitepoint Books / Errata pages


I’ve started reading Jquery Novice to Ninja and come across the page which mentions the Errata page to visit as -

Unfortunately this doesn’t go there, instead it redirects to the second edition of the book. On that note, I couldn’t find where it lists the differences between versions?


I just had a look at another book and couldn’t find the errors and errata page for that book either. @HAWK; can the relevant persons at hq have a look as to where the errors and errata pages for each book have gone? ty

Eeeek, sorry about that. I’ll get someone to sort that out asap.

Just checking back, any news about this?

Good question - I’ll follow up now.

Edit: Someone is looking into why the redirects aren’t working right now.

Still no pages?

@HAWK; Any updates on this?

Ugh – sorry! I’ll chase them up again. :frowning:

I’ve had a chat with the devs about this and the jury is out as to how we will implement this. We need to build a new system for it now as the old one is deprecated.
I’ll keep you in the loop.

In this age of GitHub, pull requests and the like, what about setting up something there? Just a suggestion.

A good one. It is one of the options on the table. :slight_smile:

@HAWK; with the books being sold by Learnable it’ll probably pay to integrate into learnable the storage and access of book code archives (allowing for those who buy print copies elsewhere), and the errata/errors page (along with a text box for describing errors that a person might spot