Sitemap resubmitting problem

Hai folks,

i had 589 urls in my old site map. out of this, 490 urls were indexed.
today i regenerated my site map and now it has 7100 records.
then i went to google webmaster tool and resubmitted the updated site map.
but google webmaster tools still shows :

Submitted URLs
490 URLs in web index

It should be shown 7100URLs submitted right? whats wrong ?

can any body pls shed your thoughts on my matter?

You have to wait until after Google sees the new sitemap.

thanks for your reply felgall,
but i think it already saw the sitemap. coz the status shows a right mark instead of a clock icon.

i just reneamed the sitemap and added newsly.
this time it shows correct url count.
so it was a caching issue. but its a very strange problem imo.

thank you for the support.

The sitemap data can be a little outdated from my experience. Sometimes Google takes a little while to update it and/or sometimes it might decrease suddenly for no reason, but I have found that it typically corrects itself within a few days.

thanks for the comments! yes, it seems it takes few hours or days to show the actual submitted sitemap data.

You can see only unique URLs in webmaster tools.

Either your rest of the URLs are duplicate (I don’t think you have only 589 unique URLs out of 7100)

Or your all URLs are not indexed / crawled yet.

It takes time for Google to find out which URLs in the XML sitemaps it has in its index. (So it is normal there can be quite a delay there.)

But I have never seen GWT getting the count of submitted URLs wrong then… (Assuming GWT has informed you it has found and updated to the new sitemap. There can be a slighy delay here as well, but usually happens fast.)

I think u should resubmit your sitemap bcoz an error generate in your sitemap. If after that this problem doesn’t solve then u contact with webmaster.

Google will not crawl your sitemap as and when you submit any sitemap. Approximately, it will take 24 hours or sometimes more than 2 days. Just submit your sitemap and forget about that. All your links will be crawled gradually.

It will take time for Google to update the number. I’ve recently added a News sitemap and it took the best part of a week for Google to acknowledge the number of pages within their index.

Give it a week, and then check again.

I already faced this problem, according to google it needs 1 day.