Sitemap is helpful in any way for promoting a portal

Hi friends,

I want to ask that is sitemap in any way helpful in promoting a portal. I have news portal in Indian language on WordPress and wherever i go to get my portal developed in php they always ask me that do your website have a sitemap. I want to know that how a sitemap is helpful in promoting a portal. Is it really necessary that my portal have a sitemap or its just a new money-sucking thing which is too much highlighted by the developers. Please help.

Well sitemap is very useful for every site because it helps google to crawl your webpages faster which will index your pages faster.

Yes sitemap is very helpful to promote your site.

Sitemap helps google to find new updates of our site. Your site is being crawl through sitemap faster and helps in indexing well.

Yes ,sitemap is very useful ,Because it is useful for Google crawling of your website and also , it is helpful for customer to easy browse in your site .

Lot of positive responses in just the first few hours, thanks members. Now let’s be sure to add additional thoughts or discussion from here on in, no sense in repeating things again!

Actually, I am just curious why all are talking a lot about sitemaps and its uses, all of a sudden, while there are lot of other stuffs to discuss.

First of all, Sitemap is not a necessary component on a website, when you have proper navigation allocated for your users. Never do something specific to search engines, just make the website user friendly and it obviously helps search engines too. Make sure your internal linking strategies are proper and in place.

Presumably the content on a portal is far bigger than what navigation will support on its own.

Thus rather than assuming search engines can make it through say thousands of sub-page links people revert to sitemaps to help inform the engines of their pages. Clearly this poses no benefit to the user and will not be the same as a natural link flow but there’s a reason why engines have gone to the trouble of accepting sitemaps in the first place.

Yes , of course sitemap is very very important. Because it is useful for Google crawling of your website.