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I have designed a new web site. Every thing is okay but when I check the speed in google speed checker, I feel little bit disappointed. Because the site’s speed is not up to mark. Here I share the speed test result -

Mobile 65 / Desktop - 82.

Any suggestion to increase little bit. Like Desktop - 85(It’s green for Google) /Mobile - 70(adjustable)

Have you tried the suggestions given by the Google speed test results?

You are loading 13 scripts totalling 1677 KB, and 12 style sheets totalling 432 KB just to render your home page. I’d look seriously at ways to reduce those; remove what is not actually being used, combine them where possible to create fewer server requests, minify the scripts, use compression on all text documents (scripts, styles, HTML/PHP pages).

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For more clues to where the problems are, there are other tools you can use:-
The main problem seems to be the number of requests.
Look at the waterfall to see where and when delays are occurring and which requests are causing them.
Everything seems to be downloading nicely in parallel until it comes to your fonts which are coming from an external source. The next delay is some external javascript.


If I edit or Compress the CSS or Js the site is messed-up.

If you minify the CSS and JS properly it should be no problem.


You should probably fix the validation errors first. Errors in the HTML are always likely to produce unexpected results.

The missing alt text on all the images is just bad practice; it won’t affect the layout. The nesting errors may well do so.

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I tried to use Compress CSS & Js which were found from google but in responsive view or any other view site futility get affected. I have already tried these. Earlier i used cloudflare, Cache plugin etc. But all these didn’t work properly. when i used these, i faced some problems. so, i think, either i have to think of other ways or else i have to be happy with this speed. Anyways, i thank you for your positive approach.

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