Site not working when online

I have a site that works perfectly on my local machine. But when I have uploaded it to a hosted website (simonrjohnstone ) it won’t work properly. When you click on refresh the results don’t show.

The database connection is working ok, I think as the data is being brought into the program for teh initial selection, it just isn’t showing the results data.

I can’t seem to upload the code, so if you got to the site address hopefully you can see the error.

The browser console shows up errors. E.g. at line 406 of index.html

$(data.reverse()).each(function(k, results) {

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘reverse’ of null

Yes, I saw that myself and tried fixing it but with no success. What does it mean.

It means there’s something wrong with whatever “data” is at that point in the code
My guess is a non-assigned array?

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