Site hosted on getting CommonSpot error messages

I manage a website on for the local branch of the AAUW (

I am getting reports from members that they are having trouble logging on to the site. I do not have a problem. (I have tried it using firefox and ie on Vista and XP, and on a friend’s iPad using Safari (my network)).

The error message reported is:

Hidden form fields needed by requested CommonSpot module were not passed to CommonSpot. This is usually caused by a configuration Problem on a proxy server or firewall. To resolve the problem, contact the network administrator and verify that all firewall and proxy servers are configured to permit all form fields to pass to servers."

Another member reported the message " Failure To Connect To Web Server"

The support forum ( is down. So is the control panel, VistaPanel, at so I can’t submit a ticket. I thought I would ask here if anyone knows what could be happening.

We have had no problems before. Is this likely something that will correct itself? Is there something I can do?

Any help would be appreciated.



This sounds like you’ll definitely need your hosting provider to look into this. They may have change a setting on the server to cause this issue.

If you’re having issues contacting support, this is certainly a red flag. I would suggest maybe looking at other hosting options, because you certainly do not want to find yourself with a major problem with your hosting with no support to go to.

Hello Karin!
I think that you might having problems with your web application as well so you may need to check that as well.
Maybe contact developers of it or check that on the support foum for certain web application.

That does indeed sound like a problem with the web application running your site - maybe in combination with a server issue.

First off contact the developers, then the host.

Thanks for your responses.

This is a charitable organization and we want to stick with free hosting.

I am not sure what you mean by web application.

It is a simple static site. I code html by hand. (Still using tables to do layout, I hadn’t learned much CSS when I wrote it.)

What confuses me is that some people have no problem at all accessing it, while others can’t get on. Could there be something where the isp would make a difference?

The forum and control panel are both still down. Down for Maintenance messages show up when I try to access them. I suppose the problems may be related to that. I need to look for an e-mail contact address I suppose.

Down for maintenance sounds much like a hosting company downtime rather than your fault.

There sould be a blog/news channel where the hosting company tells the user base about these planned downtime.

Could you provide some links for this forum and or the company?

The host is

The Log in page gives the down for maintenance message:

The support forum also gives the down for maintenance message:

I have been extremely pleased with since I migrated to them after free geocities closed. I have not experienced difficulties getting to the site from the systems available to me and would not be aware of them if some members had not emailed to let me know they could not get the site to work.

I do not usually use the control panel, but use filezilla to upload files. I can still ftp files.

The site is:

Would it be helpful to ask people to try to access the site and let us know if they can and what browser and isp they used?

I really don’t know what factors may be involved so that the site will work for some and not for others.



I’ve asked people to let me know if they can or cannot get to the site and what they are using. I have had a few responses so far.

[B]Gets On?	Browser	           OS	         ISP[/B]
No	        IE & Firefox	   Vista (satellite)
No	        AOL & IE	   XP Pro	 AOL
No	        AOL		                 AOL
Yes	        Firefox & IE	   Vista	 CLEAR wireless
Yes	        Firefox & IE	   XP	         CLEAR wireless
Yes	        Safari	           iPad	         CLEAR wireless
Yes	        Firefox	           Vista	 Comcast cable
Yes	        Firefox	           XP	         Comcast cable

Anyone have any clues about what I can do?

The support forum is not back yet but the control panel is and I have submitted a ticket.