Site Health Review For a New Site.. Please?

I launched my first self hosted site with WordPress a month back. I need advice on how to improve my site health to improve search rankings. Links to new and useful WordPress plugins that you’ve been using would be helpful. I have another site that is hosted by so I never had to worry about SEO, Site health- takes care of it. how ever is another matter altogether. Would appreciate your views. Thank you. doesn’t take care of your content, though, which is the most important factor in ranking well. :wink:

I guess you’re right on point…“Content is the King” :slight_smile: But the way people are going on and on about SEO has really made me nervous! I try to write good content, and recently I’ve begun to introduce infographics into my posts. fingers crossed

Anyone who wants your money will go on and on about their topic to make you nervous. :stuck_out_tongue:

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