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I use Google webmaster tools for my website My website’s sitemap is showing the following error.

“When we tested a sample of the URLs from your Sitemap, we found that some of the URLs were unreachable. Please check your webserver for possible misconfiguration, as these errors may be caused by a server error (such as a 5xx error) or a network error between Googlebot and your server. All reachable URLs will still be submitted.”

Also I am getting server errors with error code 503.

In this connection when I contacted my hosting service provider Hostgator, they replied that I should consult a SEO expert because there is no problem at their end. They also sent me the screenshot of speed test result for my website from

Please help me!!!

Can you identify which specific pages are returning the errors?

Almost every page, whether it be home page or any post.

I looked at the homepage and there is nothing obvious there that would make it “unreachable”.
I can’t access your WMT account, but I did try the page in the Mobile Friendly Test and that was unable to fetch the page. But strangely the Structured Data Test did fetch the page.
Since I don’t see anything in the page, it may be something in your server config, Eg. htaccess, or possibly your robots.txt which is stopping Google.

Where did boatintercoms come from?

Some kind of weird redirect happening here?

My mistake, that’s a site on my WMT account that I used to find the tool. I replaced the URL in the form input, fetched the result, but I guess it did not update the URL in the browser before I copied it.
I have edited the link now to use the OP’s site.

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