Single Page Navigation Issue

Hi Guys,

Here is link to my site…

Having a little issue, what is the best way to make is so that when clicking on something in the Navigation and it scrolls that it doesn’t cover up the title headline and as well when you click on Intro that it scrolls to the very top of the page, some of the picture gets covered up by the navigation.

I’m sure its cause the navigation bar but there must be something I can do that I can’t think of to solve this issue.

Hopefully that makes sense.



It’s the offset in these lines in your nav.

		scrollTo: function(target, callback) {
			var offset = $(target).offset().top; 

The problem was I couldn’t find a consistent offset to change it to which worked. top - 150 seemed to work for Visual EcoSystem, but was off for the other two.

@mbond5 Since this is a script issue, I’m moving it to javascript where I think you’ll have a better chance of getting help for this issue.

The top nav is 150px high so the offset that Dave suggests should be correct:

var offset = $(target).offset().top -150;

Unless I’m mistaken the ‘Brand Platform’ link is out because you seem to be linking to #platform rather than #picture.

Try this:

<li><a href="#picture" alt="Brand Platform" title="Brand Platform">Brand Platform</a></li>