Simply JS and PHP

I’m working my snail pace through the current PHPlive class, and at the same time, I’m reading Kevin’s book “Simply JS”. In the latter, Kevin talks of the three layers, Content, Presentation and Behavior. Shouldn’t PHP (and maybe XML) be folded into this model?

I’m not new at this - I just know enough to be dangerous. But I think you all are beginning to establish the high ground for teaching - Lynda has bits and pieces but no one really puts it all together…

Just a thought… Maybe an overall course to “lay out the waterfront”… 2010 version…

Those are the three layers on the client side. There are also somewhere between two and five layers on the server side - not so clearcut because most of the layers server side are written in the same language as one another and so don’t have quite the same separation as client side.

Usually you’d consider at least three layers with

  • template
  • business logic
  • data

but more layers are possible depending depending on the project complexity.

XML would probably be considered content in most cases.