Simple Slide Show Not working

Home page on this site

There are 12 pictures that rotate every 6 seconds.

They’ve stopped rotating? ? ?

I’ve double checked the code from

I’m perplexed.

Thanks . . . Rick:D

As I’m trying to validate the index.html page I’m beginning to believe that it’s in the flow of:
<body> etc., placement on the page.

multiple error: tag:“html allows optional closing tag” validation will proceed as if context is closed." XHTML 1,0 STRICT

last error: No starting html was found for: “html”, or it was closed to many times.

I can’t seem to Google the proper placement of these for my particular index.html page.

Thanks . . . Rick

You have an error here:



That should be a closing head tag - </head>

Here was the problem - the code did not have this . . . name=“slide” I have no idea ho it got deleted!

javascript needed name=“slide” to function.

How am I ever going to learn all of this?

 &lt;div class="header"&gt;
&lt;img src="../css/images/hpcdmlookout.png" [COLOR="#0000CD"]name="slide"[/COLOR] width="880" height="320" alt="picture slide show"/&gt;

You should validate your code again, because you still have errors that could cause unexpected results, including two opening <body> tags. The extra one is here:

<!-- here is where the main menu and the rest of the page code goes-->

	<div id="nav">