Simple question about UPDATE in PMA

So I am looking at a column in PMA - it’s a multiline field that for a single row has data like:


Each key value pair is on a separate line.

I want to do a mass UPDATE of that data, but what method can I use to ensure the replacement data is similarly on separate lines? If I do UPDATE table set attribs = "attrib1=0 is fall over as I need a line break after =0…


you have multiple “lines” of key/value pairs in a single table column value?

may i humbly suggest that you consider changing this data model

I’d love to, but it’s baked in to the CMS and I’m loathe to trawl the thing looking for all instances where the data is pulled out and used :frowning:

what is it that you want to update?

Thanks Rudy.

I actually only want to update one of the KVP’s - in this case say attrib2 - from attrib2=0 to attrib2-1.

I thought able just writing a one-off php page to do it, but am not sure attrib1=0
etc would do it.

UPDATE daTable
   SET attribs = REPLACE(attribs,'attrib2=0','attrib2=1')
 WHERE attribs LIKE '%attrib2=0%'