Simple question about Sessions

I use session_start(); and then $_SESSION['uid] = … in order
to set up sessions in the index.php page.
but when i am sending an ajax request to a different page
in which i have to get that session uid, it does not work for some people.
it works for me and a few more people, but it doesb’t work for others.
I’m guessing i am doing something wrong but i am just calling session_start()
before using $_SESSION[‘uid’] to get the value of it.

would love to get some help with this one. thank you :slight_smile:

I have had this issue with AJAX as well and strangely enough i solved it by moving session_start() to be within the actual function i was calling which actually someone worked. I’m probably not much help but its worth a try to just shift it around and get your users to keep testing it.

Check with your users if they have javascript enabled on browser or not, I mean, the AJAX at all runs from their browser or not…