Simple query works in phpMyAdmin, but not on page

$mysql = "SELECT id, tier_level, tier_item_name, tier_item_brand
	FROM cover_tiers
	WHERE 1";

$sql = @mysql_query($mysql);
	echo $sql;
if (!mysql_query($sql)) {
	 exit('<p>Sorry, the query did not work. ' . mysql_error() . '</p>'); 

The echo returns “Resource id #5

A warning says, “mysql_query() expects parameter 1 to be a string, resource given in […] on line 48”

Line 48: if (!mysql_query($sql)) {

Performing the query inside phpMyAdmin (just copy/paste the code) returns all the table contents perfectly, so why doesn’t it work on the page?


It’s because you are running the query twice.

You create $sql by running the query and then you try to run $sql as a query.

I see…
if (!mysql_query($sql)) {

should be…
if (!$sql) {