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blade Is a concise and powerful web development framework, it is built into the IOC administration, the interceptor configuration, REST API development and so on many mainstream web features, integrate the template engine, a cache plug-in, database operations, commonly used functions such as email, concise source deserves your reading. If you like it, can be Star or Fork, thanks!
github link welcome to stars and fork!

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Hey @biezhi It would be nice if you could say a bit more about the project, rather than just copy-paste the blurb at GitHub. Tell us a bit about the project, what inspired it, what challenges you faced etc. That’s the way to get people interested in it and engage with this community.

What Is Blade?

blade is a lightweight MVC framework. It is based on the principles of simplicity and elegance.
If you like it, can be Star and Fork, thanks!


  • Lightweight. The code is simple and structure is clear
  • Modular (you can choose which components to use)
  • Support plug-in extension mechanism
  • Restful style routing interface
  • Multiple configuration files support (currently properties, json and coding)
  • Eembed jetty server and template engine support
  • Support jdk1.6 or higher version


  • Simplicity. The design is simple, easy to understand and doesn’t introduce many layers between you and the standard library. It is a goal of the project that users should be able to understand the whole framework in a single day.
  • Elegance. blade Support the REST style routing interface, provide DSL grammar to write, no invasive interceptors.

Getting started

To get started, first include the Blade library and then create a class with a main method like this:

public class App extends Bootstrap {
	public void init() {}
	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
		Blade blade =;
		blade.get("/", (request, response) -> {
			response.html("<h1>Hello blade!</h1>");
			return null;

Run it and point your browser to http://localhost:9001. There you go, you’ve just created your first Blade app!

OK, all this may seem simple, refer to the guidelines for use more ready-made examples for your reference:


  1. Improve the document
  2. Add the routing configuration way
  3. To develop personalized social applications
  4. Maintain and optimize the code


Blade Framework based on the Apache2 License


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