Simple one page basket and checkout to paypal express



I sell just one product with two variants. I just want a very simple checkout where they select their country, what product and quantity then are presented with the total price and a button to check out on PayPal express.

Is there a simple javascript template to use for this somewhere? It seems overkill to use woo for something that is so simple.

I don't need to capture address or email as this will all be done in PayPal.



If it's just one product you could use the bog standard Paypal buy button -


thanks bluedreamer but even though its just one product people can select a variant, order multiple amounts and I'm selling it in four different currencies so it needs to be a tad more sophisticated.


You can add options/variants and quantities to Buy now buttons, as well as offering customers a currency they want to pay with..


Thanks maybe I didn't look at it in enough detail. Is there the option to specify a minimum quantity of two and to set the product price depending on the currency? I've created a dropdown but it only allows for one currency so it's a bit limiting


You can build your own form using any of the available variables listed at

In there you'll find you can use variables for quantities, currency, price that you can mix and match to what you need. For something like quantities you can always use a hidden field, select field or radio buttons for the customer to choose a predefined number.

On hindsight adding a currencies layer may not be doable without Javascript or adding a step before the payment form so you can pre-populate the currency and currency price.

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