Simple Looking Layout - Too Simple To find More

Sitepoint Members,
I was looking through page after page of website templates and can’t find anything like this simple look:
It seems pretty plain, but it’s what I need. Is this a certain style website? I got nowhere looking at ecommerce templates.



Have you considered creating your own template? It’s not hard at all if you know a bit of HTML and CSS. Personally, I find it much easier than trying to work with templates someone else has created. They never fit the need exactly, and you can end up with more work bending them to your will that starting with a nice, clean, blank slate.

Thanks for writing. I would program it, but I can’t create a look I would like. That’s why I was hoping to find similar looking websites. I just have no artistic ability other than knowing what definitely looks good or bad.


As a halfway house, you can find something you like and then recode it yourself.

Beware of looking for designs and then trying to fit your content into it, though. I’m a believer in starting with wireframes that suit your content. That gets you almost there. It only requires a few colors and maybe background images to make it look nice. Your visitors will thank you for having a usable site that is structured around content.

Wireframes are pretty much flow charts. This is going to be a shallow website - just a home page, one or two other pages, and an order page. Maybe I can gain some traction by asking where I can see a selection of bars - see that big green bar accross the page with the little whip at the end. Who would have a selection of those? But I still can’t believe no one has a selection of minimum layouts, although someone could argue that my sample looks minimum but is actually not minimum (minimal) at all. So where might I find a selection of mimimum looking websites? I think maybe wordpress selections have minimal looks. I’ll have to look into it. I remember some discussion somewhere about “minimalist” programming persons.

Well I found hundreds of minimalist themes and all of them are also obsessed with pictures.

I found “one page wireframes” but they don’t seem to include the non picture bars/accents/?s. I guess what I’m looking for is stylish navigation bars with matching accents. Know of any good sources?