Side-by-side Tables same height


I have 4 tables side-by-side (all within a bigger table). I noticed in IE each table has a different height depending upon the content, where as in FF they are all the same height with the content a little more spread out. How can I make them all the same height? I can’t specify a height because the content isn’t static.


Hmmm … depends on the contents and context. Have you got a link to the page you can give us?

I think is need some javascript.
A function which uses the:
to get the height of each table, by its ID, compare the values and sets the biggest value to each table, with:
document.getElementById(“id”).style.height = ‘biggest_val’;

In the meantime I made a tutorial with a JavaScript function that makes multiple html elements all the same height.
You can find it here: Make HTML elements the same height
Maybe it’s for help, for the problem posted in this topic.

java script would be the best for you problem i m sure about that